Eleven Miles from Home (Hybrid Cut)

Eleven Miles from Home Hybrid Cut

If you’re reading this page, then you must have found the link in the “Author’s Note” section of Eleven Miles from Home: Remastered Edition. Congratulations.

The purpose of the Remastered Edition is to provide readers with an alternative narrative to Richard and Rachel’s decadent relationship to see more clearly how each character comes to his or her respective revelation. However, I find that both the original two-confession narrative and the remastered thirteen-confession narrative have elements that enhance and detract from the reading experience:

  • The original provides better context to each confession but presents a greater barrier of entry given each confession’s length.
  • The Remastered Edition keeps the pace moving more quickly and provides a more nuanced integration of the characters’ viewpoints but has the potential to confuse readers in the wake of weaker context.

Therefore, I am providing a third version of the narrative, the Hybrid Cut, to blend the best of both worlds. This version cuts the narrative into six parts, and it addresses key areas where I’ve always thought the story dragged. This is the true “definitive version,” and I’m glad you’ve found it, you astute detective, you!

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Richard (Confession #1)

Rachel (Confession #1)

Richard (Confession #2)

Rachel (Confession #2)

Richard (Current Situation)

Rachel (Current Situation)

Thanks again for reading. Comment below to let me know which version you like best.

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