Current Books

This is the official hub for my currently released standalone books. Click the links for more information.

If you want information on my series books, check out this page instead.

Shell Out (short story)

Eleven Miles from Home (short story, two versions–actually three if you’re a good enough detective)

Amusement (short story)

When Cellphones Go Crazy (short story, obsolete)

The Celebration of Johnny’s Yellow Rubber Ducky (short story, novelization in progress)

Lightstorm (novella, soon to be expanded)

The Computer Nerd (novel, soon to be rebooted as a series starter)

Cards in the Cloak (novella, novelization in progress with a new title: Norman Jensen Cheats Death)

The Fountain of Truth (holiday short story collection, soon to become the first of The McCray Parables)

Zippywings 2015: A Short Story Collection (self-explanatory, also in paperback)

Gutter ChildGutter Child (novella, may be expanded to a novel under the title Sun Underwater)

The Fallen Footwear (short story, obsolete, to be rewritten as a novel)

Waterfall Junction and The Narrow Bridge (short story duology)

When Cellphones Make Us Crazy (novella, may be expanded to a novel)

That’s it for now. Also note that this list will likely be closed to new additions. If you want more information about my new and future books, please visit my official author website (opening early 2021), and/or subscribe to my newsletter.


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