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  • Fiction
  • Coming of Age
  • Satire
  • Humorous
  • Literature


  • 3rd-Person Limited
  • Quirky

Main Characters:

  • Greg
  • Jeff
  • Mandy
  • A College Student’s Personal Economy

Main Locations:

Greg’s Personal Misery + College


Money can buy the world and sell the soul. But can it also buy happiness?

What is the price of making dreams come true? Can they be bought with money, or do they require something worse?

After spending his childhood living in poverty, Greg decides he’s ready for the American Dream: he’ll furnish his apartment with lavish items, find the perfect girl to share it with, and become a bigger success than his father has ever been. With the right plan, he can make it all happen.

But as Greg enters college, he discovers that life’s nurturing tentacles don’t care about his plans, or his dreams. It just wants his money, all of it, and it will stop at nothing to take everything he owns, even his underwear, if it can help it.

Can Greg survive this financial onslaught? Or will life fry his piggy bank into bacon?

Shell Out is the humorous story of a college student’s battle with those pesky opposing forces that plague us all: life and desire, ambition and contentment, dreams and reality. It’s the story of anyone who’s ever had to fend for himself in the real world but wasn’t sure if he’d ever make it. Greg’s farcical journey to tame his wallet and fulfill his dreams drags him through the common struggles of young adulthood, like figuring out how to survive a Friday night on a ten-dollar bill, taking jobs that only desperate loons would take, and working toward a better life to win the heart of a girl.

The question is, are his efforts worth it, or is he just chasing yesterday’s American Dream?

For those thirty and older who wish to remember their own crazy experiences as a twentysomething, Greg’s strange odyssey of economic survival is a comedy. For those currently living the twentysomething life, or are about to approach it, Greg’s journey is a horror story.

Shell Out is a lot like adulthood: a scary comedy that forces us to question our life’s ambitions.


This story is sold as an e-book only. It can also be found in the anthology Zippywings 2015: A Short Story Collection (2015), which has e-book and print editions available. Previously published in the anthology Seven-Sided Dice: The Collection of Junk, Vol. 3 (2006, no longer available).


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Book Stats (according to Rakuten Kobo):

62 Pages
0 – 1 Hours to read
17k Total words


  • ©2015-2020 (e-book edition)
  • ©2006 (original print anthology edition, Seven-Sided Dice, The Collection of Junk, Vol. 3)

ISBN and ASIN Information:

  • ISBN: 9781311264060 (e-book, Smashwords Edition)
  • ISBN: 9781393872115 (e-book, Draft2Digital)
  • ASIN: B019SUGOQG (e-book, Amazon)
  • GGKEY: LEGBGCY0FYL (ebook, Google Play Books)

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Update 12/30/16:

You can now read Shell Out in its entirety at Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm. Choose your chapters directly in the dropdown menus above (My Books > Shell Out > Part), or start at the beginning here:

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