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  • Fiction
  • Coming of Age
  • Mystery (General)
  • Literature


  • 3rd-Person Limited
  • Incorporated Stories
  • Quirky

Main Characters:

  • Jimmy Grogan
  • Beth Grogan
  • Melanie Pike

Main Locations:

  • Northeast, USA
  • Worst College in the Country, USA


Eat your vegetables. Brush your teeth. Trust your history.

And, remember, don’t ask stupid questions.

At what point does a lie become the truth? When does that truth become a lie? On the day that he moves off to college, it seems Jimmy Grogan’s entire family history becomes a lie. But is that true?

For eighteen years, Jimmy has had the perfect life. His parents feed him. His girlfriend, Melanie, smiles at him a lot. He even gains acceptance into the (twentieth) university of his choice despite his poor high school performance. But when the big day comes to move out of his idyllic home and enter college-grade adulthood, the mover points him toward a secret that he has somehow missed all of these years: He is adopted, or so his sister’s autobiography suggests.

Jimmy’s illusions suddenly come crashing down when he realizes his parents may have been lying to him since infancy. But is his sister’s story true? Or is she playing the most heinous prank in the history of pranks? Even as he sits alone in his new dorm five hours away from home, separated from the evidence he needs to solve the mystery, he is determined to uncover the truth about who’s been lying to him, even if it means driving him and his family apart. But the question still lingers: Should he take his aunt’s advice and just leave it alone? What does she know that he doesn’t?

Gutter Child is the tragicomical story of what happens when we allow ignorance to define us, reality to side-wind us, and obsession to change us while learning the hard truth that growing up sucks.


At present, this story is sold as an e-book only. A print edition may come in time. “Gutter Child” short story version was previously published in the anthology Nomadic Souls: The Collection of Junk, Vol. 1 (2004, no longer available).


  • $1.99 USD.
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Book Stats (according to Rakuten Kobo):

155 Pages
3 – 4 Hours to read
42k Total words


  • ©2016-2018 (e-book edition)
  • ©2004 (original print anthology edition of “Gutter Child” short story, Nomadic Souls, The Collection of Junk, Vol. 1)

ISBN and ASIN Information:

  • ISBN: 9781311737854 (e-book, Smashwords Edition)
  • ISBN: 9781386769125 (e-book, Draft2Digital)
  • ASIN: B01CRLOGYA (e-book, Amazon)

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Gutter Child has had three active cover styles and two concepts since 2016:

The golden cover is the only one that fits the coming of age genre (sort of) and is ultimately the one I’ve stuck with. The other three tested the mystery element, but I ditched them because the story isn’t that kind of mystery, even if I do have a concept in mind that could turn it into that kind of mystery. We’ll see.

Note: The last cover in the series is the only other “official” cover I’ve used.

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