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The world we know can be pretty comfortable…until we’re told our personal slice of history is a lie.

Jimmy Grogan has the perfect life. His parents feed him. His girlfriend, Melanie, smiles at him a lot. He even manages to gain acceptance into the (twentieth) university of his choice. But when the big day comes to move out of his idyllic home and enter the world of university life, the mover points him to a secret that he has somehow missed all of the years it sat under his nose: He is adopted, or so his sister’s autobiography suggests.

Jimmy’s perfect life suddenly comes crashing down when he realizes that his parents may have been lying to him for eighteen years. But is the story true? Or is his sister playing the most surprising prank on him ever? Even as he sits alone in his new dorm away from home, separated from the evidence he needs to solve the mystery and nervous about the accusations implied in his discoveries, he must uncover the truth about who’s been lying to him, even if it means driving him and his family apart.

“Gutter Child” is the tragicomical story of what happens when we allow ignorance to define us, reality to side wind us, and obsession to change us. Our discoveries can take us into dark places, but when those same places drive us to laugh at reality, we may just learn to accept that growing up sucks.

Join Jimmy Grogan on his maddening journey into adulthood today.

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