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Note: Terms and Conditions updated as of December 23, 2020.

Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm (aka zippywings.wordpress.com) is primarily a blog site with a heavy focus on the topics of writing, pop culture (including food and beverage), or artsy things. But it also reflects the views and opinions of me, Jeremy Bursey, the site’s operator, as well as promotes whatever novel(s) I’m writing. By visiting this site, you understand that you are reading about my observations, reviews, opinions, and promotions, not necessarily expert advice or information. Therefore, DO NOT USE THIS SITE AS A HARD NEWS SOURCE, unless the news is in reference to my books. I may occasionally opine about current events, but I am not an expert in these fields, so do not assume I am, and do not quote me as if I am.

As a visitor to this site, you may read and respond to any article I post, as well as link it to your own site or share it on social media. If you’re a content creator, and your product or article is reviewed on this site, and you’d like to capture a quote for your own site, you may, as long as the proper attributions are made.

Please note that images used on this site are the property of their creators, and this site does its best to provide links to its original source (in the case of stock photos, this original source will almost always be Pixabay). Whenever an image has the term “screenshot” in its description, that typically means that I, Jeremy Bursey, captured it digitally via “Print Screen” off my desktop. These screenshots will often be in reference to the product or game I’m reviewing. Personal photos and composites will either be uncredited or clearly attributed to me. Unless otherwise permitted, these images should not be shared without proper attribution or context.

If you agree to these terms and would still like to use one of my photos in your work or article, please send me an email letting me know which one and how you’d like to use it. I’ll likely grant you permission if I created the image and the context is sound.

Regarding e-commerce, this site also links visitors to my books, but it does not contain my books directly on this site. If you wish to purchase one of my books, you will first have to click on the link taking you to your retailer of choice, and then you’ll have to agree to their terms of service before you can buy it. Also note that I am responsible for the quality of the product, not the handling of payment. If you have a problem with the book, please let me know. If you have a problem with the payment, you’ll have to contact the retailer you bought it from.

Each book will have its own set of disclaimers attached inside its copyright page, so please read through it before reading the book. As a rule, all works of fiction are from my imagination and should not be considered reality or a representation of actual persons, places, objects, or trademarks. And with the exception of capturing snippets for review or referential purposes, you should also not be taking pieces of any part of my books for your own book or literature without express permission. You may use excerpts for reviews or writing craft books as long as it’s not too generous an excerpt. As long as you keep it under 1000 words per snippet or 5000 words for the entire resource (review, craft book, etc.), I probably won’t get too jumpy about it.

I also have a few links to downloadable story templates on this site. These downloads are available through Google Drive. By downloading these products, you agree to use them according to their intent, and that you keep them for your personal use. These templates are not available for resale, nor should you use them as a base for your own product. You may, however, adapt their designs for your own needs, personal or commercial, if you wish. Just don’t take my template, add to it, and start selling it. You should do your own thing in your own voice in this case. If your design is basically the same thing with different wording, that’s fine.

If you wish to do a video review of any part of this site or any media I post, that should be fine. Just remember that images are the property of their owners and creators, so as long as your video respects that, I don’t think it should be a problem to screen capture them. Just remember to blur out any image or information that is sensitive or exclusive in nature. For example, if I post a picture of my cat, I do so for the benefit of my audience, not yours, so in that regard, I’d ask you to respect my privacy. But regarding products, I consider them available for public use, so as long as they are not exclusive to this site (which would be the case for special announcements or coupon codes reserved for readers of this site, not viewers of your YouTube page), they should be considered fair use.

If you have any questions regarding these terms of service and conditions, please send me an email and let me know. Likewise, if you think I’ve left something important off this page, let me know that, as well.

Thank you for respecting the content of this site.

Once again, if you cannot or choose not to abide by these terms and conditions, then you should not visit this site. Thank you.

–Jeremy Bursey

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