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This is the paperback collection of the short stories, novelettes, and novellas that I released as e-books in 2015. The stories have been reformatted for this print edition to read more nicely than their e-book counterparts, and come with the luxury of having that new book smell.

For a synopsis of the stories represented here, check out their respective store pages, accessible through the images on the right margin of this page.

Available as a paperback print book only (for now at least).

February 14, 2016 Update: As of today, Zippywings 2015: A Short Story Collection is also available as an e-book for $3.99. Why am I charging for a collection of free stories? Because I want to give readers an option to “donate” to my works should they feel led.

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Book Description:

A 2015 collection of short stories, novelettes, and novellas that run the gamut of themes from economic wrestling, to love and loss, to therapy, to professionalism, and more.

Stories include:

Shell Out: A college graduate will do some crazy things to gain his financial prosperity and become the man his father couldn’t be.

Eleven Miles from Home: A man and woman who used to date get stranded along the side of road, and are forced to evaluate their relationship when it’s obvious they no longer have anything in common.

Amusement: To better market for it, a serious-minded businessman must participate in an amusement park’s ridiculous customs while dealing with the park’s mascot’s totalitarian ways.

When Cellphones Go Crazy: A student of psychology has to handle a personal crisis while simultaneously trying to pick up the girl of his dreams.

The Celebration of Johnny’s Yellow Rubber Ducky: An Oxford graduate must figure out the course of his destiny as he uncovers the parallel journey the rubber duck he finds on a bus has taken.

Lightstorm: Two rival photographers on a calendar project in Greenland must fight off their sexual tension to outwit each other in the field and prove whose artistic method is better than the other.

Cards in the Cloak: A World War I vet takes on the journey of a lifetime to help a fallen comrade distribute a cure for the flu, even though he can’t figure out how to manufacture it himself, while trying to keep one step ahead of the Grim Reaper who’s determined to finish him off.

The Fountain of Truth: A collection of Christmas fables, including-
-“The Fountain of Truth” (a fable about honesty)
-“Christmas Log” (a fable about trust and wisdom)
-“St. Nick’s Gym” (a fake origin story about Santa Claus).

Each of these stories is also available individually as an e-book. This collection is designed to gather them all into one place.

Note: As a bonus, the e-book edition also includes the short story version of “The Computer Nerd.”

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