Lightstorm Cover Image
Lightstorm Cover Image

It’s easy to gamble on ourselves when we believe in our talents and harder to gamble against others when they have equal ability. This is especially true when we pit subjectivity against subjectivity and bet on the winner. “Lightstorm,” my seventh ebook (and sixth freebie), is the story of two photographers who think their shooting styles are better than the other’s, and the lengths they go to in order to out-stylize each other for the Greenland calendars they’ve been commissioned to shoot, and the results of their push-pull partnership once the job is over. It’s an exploration of two opposing forces who search for mutual harmony while tempting the raw powers of nature and action.

Look for it on Smashwords by September 22, 2015, and the other retailers a few days later.

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Book Description:

In 1992, photographers Jake and Kate are sent to Greenland to shoot a calendar highlighting the ice country in its fiercest majesty. Both believe their styles are better than the other’s, so much in fact that they split the assignment into two separate calendars, “Icy Wonders” and “Greenland’s Fury,” and make a bet that one can outsell the other by the end of the year in an all-out commercial war. Their rivalry is heated in spite of the frigid cold they walk, eat, and sleep in, but at the end of the day, only one can win. Is it the spirited Jake, who will bait a herd of muskoxen into a fight just to make his calendar month amazing, or the zen-like Kate, who has an eye for the risky tranquility of sleeping wolves, that will win the calendar battle of the year?

Their adventure takes them through several harrowing turns as each photo shoot puts them closer to that line between victory or defeat. But nothing prepares them for the moment when their respective styles come back to bite them and they are forced to reconcile their differences. Will their understanding of each other bring them closer together, or will their stubborn ideas enhance their rivalry? And what long-term effects will their exciting yet frightening adventure leave with them once the calendars are released and the bet is settled? Can they handle the fame that follows them into the twenty-first century?

In “Lightstorm,” these opposing forces of nature will find out just how wild their ambitions can get and how drastically one week in Greenland can change their lives forever.

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Update 12/31/16:

You can now read Lightstorm in its entirety at Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm. Choose your chapters directly in the dropdown menus above (My Books > Lightstorm > Part), or start at the beginning here:

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