Amusement Cover Image
Amusement Cover Image

Professionalism makes the world a better place, but Sammy is about to face an adversary that spits in professionalism’s eye in the latest free ebook by Jeremy Bursey. Please download from one of the following retailers if you want to see what happens when these two polar opposites meet on Nippy the Cat’s home turf.

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Book Description:

“Amusement” is the story of one man’s battle to make the world a better place through a dedicated sense of professionalism, despite the psychedelic hell it puts him through.  It’s the story of a man who wants revenge against anyone who ever said, “Whatever gets the job done is good enough,” before what’s good enough leads to tragedy. It’s the story of a soul who wants to right those wrongs caused by professional inadequacy while hopefully reclaiming his long-lost happiness in the process.

“It should always be done perfectly the first time, or it shouldn’t be done at all”–that’s Sammy’s motto. Perfectionism is his calling card, and he thinks that showing anything less is a sure sign of professional immaturity, and immaturity is what makes the world a terrible place. He’s obsessive about it. And, the last thing he would ever do is to cut corners or disobey orders from his bosses at Dinners and Waters just to save time or face. So, when he finds out his Monday meeting is being held offsite at a theme park called Happy Fun Land, he acquiesces to the change in routine (a routine that keeps him professionally-minded) because his boss expects him to attend the conference and learn how he can help make the partnership with the theme park’s parent company successful. But there’s a hitch: Sammy hates the company that Dinners and Waters wants to invest in. Hates everything it stands for. And he hates everything Happy Fun Land stands for. So, when his initial confrontation with Happy Fun Land’s parking staff turns violent (unprofessional) and makes him almost an hour late to the meeting (highly unprofessional), he realizes he is about to embark on a personal hell through a “professional” experience that could very well destroy his mind and his sense of reason.

He continues on anyway because that’s what a professional would do. However, his standards for quality performance are constantly challenged as he stumbles through a world filled with madness, manipulation, and candy, leading him ultimately to stand face to face with the most unprofessional creature he has ever met, the theme park’s mascot, Nippy the Cat, in a confrontation that could either change the atmosphere of the theme park or cost him his professionalism and his sanity.

Sammy is not amused.

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Update 12/30/16:

You can now read Amusement in its entirety at Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm. Choose your chapters directly in the dropdown menus above (My Books > Amusement > Part), or start at the beginning here:

Read Part 1


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