A Modern-day Fantasy Annual Edition

The A Modern-day Fantasy Annual Edition is a limited edition version of the A Modern-day Fantasy series that combines the events of each book into a narrative spanning one year of Jimmy Knightly’s life. Even though these books are considerably longer individually than the regular versions, they combine anywhere from two to three books into one, and cut scenes or add alternative scenes or move scenes around to better fit the single narrative. Even though they essentially tell the same story that the individual books tell, they leave some elements out in order to get to the year-end villain faster.

These are good for any reader who wants the “abbreviated” version of the story. For anyone who wants the entire story and all of its subplots, it’s better to wait for each book of the A Modern-day Fantasy series as they’re released.

Cannonball City (Year One) (Christmas 2015)

Superheroes Anonymous (Year Two) (May 2016)

Check back often for information on Year Three.

Note: Even though I have plans to release the individual self-contained books eventually, I don’t yet know when that will be. If you would rather wait for them, be aware that you may be waiting a while. I still have a backlog of other books to finish and release first. Keep in mind that once I start releasing them, I’ll want to release them steadily, which means I’ll want them as good as I can get them. That’ll take time.


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