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Placeholder page for my upcoming book, Zipwood Studios.

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Note: Presales will be available soon at these retailers. Book is scheduled to release on August 19, 2016.*

Update 7/24/2016: I’m officially reworking my release plan for this book, so until I have a product available that I believe in and a strategy for getting it into as many hands as possible, I am removing both preorders and the release date for the time being. I will eventually put this back online, but only when the time is right. Keep checking the blog for updates.

Apple iTunes (presale)

Zipwood Studios on iTunes and iBooks

Barnes & Noble (coming soon)

Zipwood Studios at Barnes & Noble

Kobo (presale)

Zipwood Studios on Kobo

Smashwords (preview only)

Zipwood Studios at Smashwords

Note that Smashwords gives you the option to download a number of formats including epub, mobi (for Kindle), pdf, and others.

Information on other retailers will be made available closer to the release date.

Book Description:

When Ian steps foot on the campus of Zipwood Studios to start his new job (with growth potential) in the studio’s famous mail room, he expects a summer of exciting opportunities, where he can meet important people and mingle with famous celebrities. But when he is immediately promoted to the position of custodian, he is suddenly thrust into a life he doesn’t expect, a life filled with action and adventure, but also of weirdness and pain. And he doesn’t know what to make of this new transition when the garbage begins to mount.

Fortunately, former movie star Robert Dean, who has taken a break from acting for personal reasons, is Ian’s new mentor, and he knows the ins and outs of studio life. Dean walks Ian through the grind, helping out the poor and downtrodden with their custodial needs, filling in the dead hours with script readings and card games. But as the summer continues, Ian notices that the weirdness of the studio gains momentum, and the interesting place he calls work and home slowly erodes into a den of horrors, and with the people around him either disappearing or going crazy, only his mentor, the former movie star Robert Dean, can help him stay ahead of the madness.

As the summer rages on, Ian and Dean must investigate the studio from bottom to top in an effort to find out why everything is turning inside out, and why its state of danger increases by the day. But what they find when they reach the top can shake Ian to the core and shatter Robert Dean’s world. For a place known for organized chaos, Zipwood Studios is about to prove to the veteran and the rookie that nothing in life or business should ever be taken for granted, and that anything they say or do can and will come back to bite them.

Each storefront will provide links to my other books, so check back often.

You can visit my main author page (for ebooks) at Smashwords:

My Smashwords Author Page

If you would like to leave a review on Goodreads (when relevant), I would certainly appreciate it:

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*Release date is subject to change. Check here for update news.

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