A Modern-day Fantasy Series

This is a placeholder page for the A Modern-day Fantasy series. This page will provide links and information about books pertaining to both A Modern-day Fantasy and A Modern-day Fantasy Annual Edition. Check back often to see what’s new.



Cannonball City: A Modern-day Fantasy, Year One launches on Christmas Day 2015 to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the first word written in the A Modern-day Fantasy series. This will serve as the first entry in the Annual Edition. It will also be free starting on the day of release (it retails for $4.99 as a preorder in case you want to leave a donation) and remain free until Book One of the A Modern-day Fantasy is released sometime in the unknown future. This book will be available at Smashwords and its affiliates (Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.) exclusively.

Superheroes Anonymous: A Modern-day Fantasy, Year Two will launch on or around May 27, 2016, to coincide with all of the superhero movies that will be in the theaters around that time. Like Cannonball City, it will run at somewhere between 240,000 and 280,000 words and cover a year’s worth of story. It will retail for $4.99, and can be ordered at any time. It will also remain exclusive to Smashwords and its affiliates.

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