Sweat of the Nomad

Placeholder page for my upcoming book, Sweat of the Nomad.

Keep checking back for updates.

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Cover Image for “Sweat of the Nomad”

Note: Presales will be available soon at these retailers. Book is scheduled to release on June 17, 2016.*

Update 7/24/2016: I’m officially reworking my release plan for this book, so until I have a product available that I believe in and a strategy for getting it into as many hands as possible, I am removing both preorders and the release date for the time being. I will eventually put this back online, but only when the time is right. Keep checking the blog for updates.

Apple iTunes (presale)

Sweat of the Nomad on iTunes and iBooks

Barnes & Noble (presale)

Sweat of the Nomad at Barnes & Noble

Kobo (presale)

Sweat of the Nomad on Kobo

Smashwords (preview only)

Sweat of the Nomad at Smashwords

Note that Smashwords gives you the option to download a number of formats including epub, mobi (for Kindle), pdf, and others.

Information on other retailers will be made available closer to the release date.

Book Description:

When James “Jamie” Finch awakes in a pool of sweat on a Friday morning in the same way he always does, in a box, he finds himself facing what promises to be the hottest day on record. But not only has the atmospheric temperature risen to intense levels overnight, so has the temperatures of both society and his personal life. And on this Friday of insufferable heat, Jamie must embark on a journey into the fire to reclaim the life he’s lost before his opportunity to rebuild himself goes up in smoke.

A year ago, Jamie was working for Marvin Thomas, a man of distinguishing tastes and brilliant facades, but Marvin was too preoccupied with other interests to give him much notice. Then, one night at a company party, Marvin meets a woman who utterly captivates him: Jamie’s wife. Because Marvin takes notice of her, he takes notice of Jamie, and suddenly, Marvin is handing off the keys to the kingdom, offering Jamie promotions and opportunities that he could never imagine possible.

But all fortunate things come with a price, and Jamie discovers this truth the hard way when he invites Marvin for dinner, and Marvin, in a move to knock down all of his current facades, arrives with a security force designed to kick Jamie out of his own home. What follows is a whirlwind of unfortunate events that puts Jamie’s wife in Marvin’s hands and Jamie out on the street.

For six months, Jamie keeps to the shadows, for Marvin’s spies are always on the lookout, always waiting to knock him so far off track that he can never find his way home, and for six months he stomachs the stress he feels for having left his wife and home in the company of a manipulative madman. But now, as the temperatures rise in coordination with his anger, and as external forces, including Marvin’s spies and a gang of arsonists, put the pressure on him, Jamie decides that today is the day to take back his home and dispatch the interloper who tried to ruin his life. But his journey isn’t easy. With the homeless population he lives among keeping his loyalties in flux, and the alley cat he adopts generally slowing his progress, he learns that every step toward freeing his original family is one that drags him back to endangering his new one. But, when the heat of the day finally reaches its cool-down, and his loyalties are tested, Jamie must decide how to handle the bridge between his two lives when he finally comes to it.

Each storefront will provide links to my other books, so check back often.

You can visit my main author page (for ebooks) at Smashwords:

My Smashwords Author Page

If you would like to leave a review on Goodreads (when relevant), I would certainly appreciate it:

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*Release date is subject to change. Check here for update news.

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