Teenage American Dream

Placeholder page for my upcoming book, Teenage American Dream.

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teenage american dream cover (title)
Cover Image for “Teenage American Dream”

Note: Presales will be available soon at these retailers. Book is scheduled to release on August 25, 2016.

Update 7/24/2016: I’m officially reworking my release plan for this book, so until I have a product available that I believe in and a strategy for getting it into as many hands as possible, I am removing both preorders and the release date for the time being. I will eventually put this back online, but only when the time is right. Keep checking the blog for updates.

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Note that Smashwords gives you the option to download a number of formats including epub, mobi (for Kindle), pdf, and others.

Information on other retailers will be made available closer to the release date.

Book Description:

Eric Bachner is a high school senior, but admittedly not the best student in his class. In fact, it’s possible he’s one of the worst. He’s academically under par in every category, including electives like art and family and consumer science, and really only outshines at math. His reputation as a well-behaved student is missing in action, and even though he claims his friend Mack was responsible for the last cherry bomb in the toilet incident, everyone just assumes it was him. The idea of Eric graduating in the next two months is outrageous. And he is perfectly fine with that.

At home, Eric has it made. His mother cooks for him. His father, while sometimes on his case, is ultimately a pushover. And he has plenty of room to brush off his studies to play the new PS4 game, Neanderthal Ninjas. The idea of ever abandoning such freedom for “the real world” is ridiculous in his mind. So, when his father tells him that he’s getting kicked out after graduation, Eric decides he’s not going to graduate.

But when the principal invites his parents for a meeting about Eric’s performance, he discusses his grades and explains how Eric’s poor studies are lowering the school’s academic rating from an A to a B, which means less money from the state, and he is not happy about that. Eric’s father, a natural gambler, tells the principal he’s wrong about Eric and makes a bet with him that his son can not only bring his grades up before the end of the year, but he can graduate with honors. The principal, who will take a deal wherever he can, accepts the bet. The prize, after all, is much sweeter than anything the state can offer him.

Eric soon finds out that even though graduation means moving out and becoming his own man, failing means something far worse, something that could potentially ruin his future and tear his family apart, and that as much as he wants to keep exploiting his father’s system, he knows he can’t. But he’s so far down the academic ladder that improvement, with honors no less, is nearly an impossible feat. Not to mention, the principal, who now has more to gain personally from Eric’s failure than the school gains with his success, does everything in his power to hold Eric back. With so much against him, it seems Eric has no chance. But, if it means keeping his family together and his future hopeful, then he must find one anyway, even if it means becoming the delinquent he’s been accused of being and ultimately beating the principal at his own games.

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