The Decline of Deep Thought

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March 31, 2006:

The funny thing as I sit here contemplating why I’m up so late yet again (after 1am), sitting at my computer desk writing some drivel that’s sure to be forgotten by Saturday, is that up until a week ago, I didn’t think I’d ever break down and set up a MySpace account. Let’s face it, fads are intimidating to me (am I doing this for me, or because it’s the “cool thing to do?”), and somehow this whole network feels like one. But at the same time I thought it was necessary. If this is another tool to communicate with friends, loved ones, and potential strangers, then why should it be a simple fad? Maybe this is the next step up in the communication ring. Maybe by signing up, I’ll actually stay current with the 21st Century (which is a hard thing for me to do considering I just bought my cell phone about fourteen months ago, and I’m still surfing the net on dial-up…primitive, I know). So, earlier this week I signed up.

But, my signing up didn’t really have anything to do with progression. It might’ve made for an interesting story (“might” being the operative word), but in the end it came down to peer pressure. A friend of mine urged me to just get it over with (and I forget why I didn’t procrastinate on it this time). So I signed up, and let my friend do all the customizing. I think I spent more time watching TV than I did paying attention to what was going onto this page. I still don’t know half of what’s been done to this thing. The most I did was to write in my info and post my picture. Genius at work.

Anyway, I wanted to post this blog because I wanted to test the waters with blog posting. Tomorrow I want to start my “News from the Panhandler Underground” series, which will essentially be a tie-in to the novel I spent three months writing and another three months editing, and will continue to edit until there’s nothing left to fix. I figure with the tediously mind-numbing experience that comes with editing a novel, I might have this thing finished sometime in the next twenty years. But, for now, I want to gather some sort of fanbase, and I thought this “fake newsletter” series might help with that.

So, that’s where I’m currently at. My mind is operating on half-capacity right now (I went to a Switchfoot concert a few hours ago, after a lengthy battle of trying to acquire the tickets for me and three other friends, and ultimately felt my energy siphon through my body and out my eyes) and now I’m worn-out and ready for bed, but not so ready for bed that I’m actually one foot in the bed. I figure if I write out these fluffy words a little more, then I’ll be thoroughly drained for the evening, and then I can fall fast asleep without any stirring, or the pestering assault of deep thoughts.

Although, judging by the quality of this post, I doubt deep thought will be much of an issue tonight.