Eleven Miles from Home

Eleven Miles from Home Cover Page
Eleven Miles from Home Cover Page

Want to read a free story about loving, losing, and the question of whether it’s really better than to love at all? Then check out “Eleven Miles from Home,” the story of a man and woman who are no longer in love, but continue to see each other for the one interest they have in common, and find out what happens when they are on the verge of losing even that.

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Book Description:

“Eleven Miles from Home” is an unflinching story about perception, realization, and the truth behind those relationships we once thought were so great. It’s the story of two people who are forced to confront the harsh reality that they’ve missed the mark, who bare their souls over what they discover about each other and themselves, who question whether their choices are sound or should be avoided.

After discovering she had been dating a married man for months and spending the next two years rebounding in a series of bad relational investments, Rachel grabs her Jet Ski and goes to the lake to clear her head, hoping to erase her troubled mind through the whitewash of aquatic adrenaline. Richard, who discovers this woman and her sexy water machine, and who, thanks to his limited exposure to out-of-town trends, has never before seen a Jet Ski in action, insists on invading her world to find out more about this most interesting watercraft of hers, and somehow finds himself not only her new jet skiing pal, but next in line for her damaged heart. And Rachel is fine with the invasion initially, but like her relationships past, the one she forms with Richard exists on fragile ground, and their mutual respect for each other eventually dies.

But their passion for jet skiing together endures, so they continue to visit the lake as a couple, in spite of their growing off-water dislike for each other: whatever they have to, to keep their one common interest intact. And they find ways to make it work, until the day that misfortune robs them of their shared love and leaves them stranded eleven miles from home with nothing left in common but a lack of transportation and bad memories. Now, if they are to make it through the night together, they must figure out what went wrong between them and decide individually whether their relationship is even worth saving.

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Update 12/30/16:

You can now read Eleven Miles from Home in its entirety at Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm. Choose your chapters directly in the dropdown menus above (My Books > Eleven Miles from Home > Part), or start at the beginning here:

Read Part 1


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