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Note: Policy updated as of December 23, 2020.

Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm (aka is a blogging site that either uses or can use all of WordPress’s (free version’s) available features, including commenting, Gravatar support, and Jetpack data collection and reporting, as well as external linking to other sites, including to bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and it can receive back links from any site that references one of its articles.

By visiting Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm, you agree to have your IP address’s country of origin recorded (for audience statistical data), as well as which pages you visit, which links you click, and which referral services you click to come here. In some cases, your search terms that lead to this site will also be recorded.

Note that this is standard practice among all WordPress sites with Jetpack enabled. It populates data into graphs for SEO purposes, but it does not tell me or any other WordPress user who you are nor any other identifiable information other than the country from where you’re viewing the page. It simply stores SEO information in a graph to help site owners determine which posts or pages are popular and which ones lead to external clicks.

Now, if you “like” or comment on an article, then that action will record your personal identifiers including your Gravatar name and image, along with the time and/or date of your commented post. You can request to have either “likes” or comments removed (or in most cases you should be able to remove it yourself) if you decide you’d rather stay anonymous. Likewise, if you wish to post anonymously, it’s good practice to log out of WordPress first, or visit the site through your browser’s privacy mode to strip out all cookies and login information. But be aware that interacting with any element on this site means you consent to having your data, as outlined above, interacting with the site.

“Subscribing” to Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm will also collect your name and Gravatar information and put it on a list of subscribers. “Unsubscribing” will take you off that list. By subscribing to Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm, you agree to receive its newest posts by email, which you’ll have entered when you signed up for WordPress.

Also note that some posts or articles will link readers to outside sites or services. Each site or service has its own privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions. Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm and WordPress are not responsible for the data these sites collect, and when you click on any link leading to these sites, you agree to their sites’ terms and assume understanding of and agreement to the data they collect. This includes links to any shop or e-commerce site.

Speaking of shops and e-commerce, be aware that links via this site’s book pages will take you to an online bookstore of your choice (or to the bookstore outlined in the link). You will, in effect, be taken outside of this site to your preferred retailer. If you decide to purchase a book through these retailers, you do so agreeing to their terms of service, not this site’s. Even though Jeremy Bursey, the author of this site and the books this site promotes, receives the royalties from your purchase, he does so also agreeing to the retailer’s terms and services and abiding by its privacy policy. Therefore, assume that this site is not responsible for issues related to your purchases outside of product quality. Any privacy disputes you may have about payment information shall be with the retailer, not with Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm.

Finally, this site posts many links throughout its pages and articles, but it does not have any affiliate codes attached. Therefore, unless otherwise noted in the respective page or article, this site (and its owner) does not receive any commissions on recommended or linked products. The only products this site (and its owner) profit from directly are the books it features down the side panel and in the “My Books” section because the author of this site is also the author of these books.

Also note that external downloads, including Scrivener template downloads, are accessed through Google Drive, and Google does not report who downloads what or how often.

Thank you for reading through this page. Please be aware that if you do not agree to these policies, then you should not be visiting this site. Thank you.

–Jeremy Bursey

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