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Why It’s Okay to Write for Fun (8 parts + Introduction)

-This series addresses our compulsions to write and how to make the most of our efforts regardless of our end goals, but gives some tips on how to prepare for the possibility that our “fun” writing, or leisure writing, may lead to professional writing and what we should do if we decide to make that transition toward the money.

The Marketing Author 001 (in progress)

-This series is about preparing writers for the wide world of author marketing (or really, marketing in general), and the numerous ways in which we can screw up that journey if we don’t plan ahead.


Friday Update (9 official episodes, 2 bonus episodes, more on the way)

-The irregular Friday Update covers the events in my life that affect my writing schedule and prepares you for what’s on the horizon when everything is going according to plan.

-For Fun-

Pros and Cons (5 episodes, more on the way)

-This series tackles the hard-hitting concerns that consumers may have about certain products, gimmicks, and holidays, but in a ridiculous kind of way.

Book Reviews (TBD)

-Check back soon for links.

Product Reviews (TBD)

-Check back soon for links.

More to Come.

The stuff that keeps me awake at night.

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