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Due to the limited space allotted to me on YouTube’s page description, I’m not able to share everything I want. So, this page makes up for YouTube’s limitations. If you have questions about my channel, this page should answer them.

Channel Information:

The Zippywings Channel is the official YouTube channel for Jeremy Bursey: novelist, part-time educator, and occasional game designer/player. Content focuses mainly on books, writing apps, writing tools, author networks, and self-publishing news. Sometimes it will also feature gameplay feedback for independent games (2D pixel art), especially those made with the OHRRPGCE (created by James Paige). When relevant, it will also showcase promotional materials for Jeremy Bursey’s latest books, games, or other media (including website updates).

Who Should Subscribe:

The channel’s primary focus is writing, reading, and authorship, so anyone interested in writing books, reading, or using tools for writing will get the most from this channel. Although it focuses less on game design and independent 2D pixel RPGs than in years’ past, every so often a new gameplay video will go live, and anyone interested in discovering obscure but fun 2D games may also get something out of it (but admittedly not as often as other channels dedicated to gaming). This is also the primary social media channel for Jeremy Bursey’s latest work, which is worth supporting, in the author’s opinion, obviously, so anyone who wants the latest information or special offers on his novels (mainly thrillers and coming-of-age stories) should also subscribe.

Video Notes:

  • Screen capture videos are recorded with Cyberlink’s Screen Recorder 3.
  • Talking head videos are recorded with a K432 portable HD webcam by Fifine.
  • Sound is captured with a T669 microphone, also by Fifine.
  • Free range videos are captured with an LG V40 ThinQ Android smartphone.
  • Videos are edited with Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 15.

If you would like to see higher quality videos, please buy more of Jeremy Bursey’s books (available at Amazon and other retailers).

Social Media and Contact Information:

Most of my important social media links are featured on this channel’s banner image, but it’s worth noting that email is the best method for contacting me with news, requests, and offers. You can reach me through my website’s contact form ( or email me directly at jeremy[at] (more professional) or zippywings[at] (a lot faster and probably better).

Important Note:

Until my official website goes live, all links will take you to a construction page. This page will also have links to my email and social media pages available. Once the page is live, you should be able to find all of my social media links in the header and footer.

Website Information:

Official Site:

Drinking Café Latte at 1pm (Blog):

Visit either site for the latest news. Visit my official site for book details and important links.

Quick Tips:

If you’d like to contact me, I’d prefer you reach me through my contact page on my website (or email me directly at jeremy[at], as that’s my professional email and exists strictly for direct contact. But I also don’t check it often enough, so if your news, request, or offer is time-sensitive, then you’re better off emailing me at zippywings[at], as I check that account almost daily. Just be aware that this is the account where all of my junk mail goes, so your message title should clearly state your business (and maybe mention “YouTube Referral” somewhere to give me context), so I know to check it. Also note that I respond only to respectful emails. Pushy or hostile emails will get deleted without response. Finally, I don’t get many requests or offers at this time, but if that changes as my channel grows, I’ll need to be selective in how I use my time, so please understand if I’m slow or unable to respond if messages come in more frequently. If your request is beyond my time or ability, then I’ll let you know, but please respect my answer. If it’s something I can do, I’ll give you an estimated timeline on when I can record and post the video or write the blog article. Either way, I appreciate your engagement with my channel and/or blog.


Most products I review are organic and based on something I’ve purchased or trialed and want to share with my viewers. However, in some cases I may receive a product for free. If I receive a product for free and review it, I will say so in the video and/or description for that product. Likewise, if I promote an affiliated product, I will say so in the video and/or description. Affiliated products are products that offer me a commission on sales should you buy through a link I provide (at no extra cost to you). As of this writing, I have no affiliations, but I expect that to change in time, so be aware that I’ll disclose any product that I’ve received for free or will get a commission should you buy through my links.

A Note to Creators Wanting to Get Reviews or Share News:

I review what I think will help writers, readers, and game designers (depending on what I like and recommend). Sometimes that may mean reviewing or sharing an item that falls outside of the usual ranges (like a spreadsheet, for example). These types of reviews are uncommon and shared only because I see a reason for sharing them. Normally, these items would not make for good requests. Items that do make for good requests include: books, especially those related to writing, writing apps or tools (like Plottr), and 2D pixel art games with low PC requirements. If you’re a creator who wants to offer me access to your app, book, game, or whatever, please contact me through the email channels listed above. Likewise, if you have news to share and want to expand your reach through this channel, be sure to contact me with a link to your website and/or news article for reference.


I hope you enjoy this channel. Thanks for watching.

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