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The Return to Cafe Latte

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March 30, 2009:

So, despite what I wrote three and a half years ago, it seems I didn’t do well in keeping up with this blog. I blame my neglect on Myspace, since I started blogging there back in March 2006 and more or less forgot about this place. But after giving up on Myspace (as I feel it gave up on me), and after finding a pay site that looks really cool, but way undershoots its alleged traffic (it’s supposed to be one of those money-making sites that I signed up with to get a free offer on something else, but judging by a couple evaluation sites, it gets barely 7000 hits a month, which doesn’t really encourage me any–certainly won’t make back the monthly fee), which I’m pretty sure I’ll have to ditch that, too, I think it’ll be fun to come back here. I’m sure my readership will continue to run an abysmal course initially, but perhaps with some advertising the readers will come.

Anyway, I’ll likely run the gamut of topics, so if you’re looking for a medley of non-related issues day-to-day, week-to-week, come back regularly. I’ll restart this thing officially with the post that I wrote for that other site, which I had put under the heading “The Occasional Movie Review.”

Note: I actually think it’s a shame that the other site charges so much for something that gets such little traffic, because it really is nice looking. I may want to remember that if I ever spring for my own website someday.