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Cat and the Hat

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March 5, 2009:

A few hours ago I was in the midst of trying to fix my printer when I made a break for the kitchen. A few feet away, expressing not a care in the world, my cat sat by her food bowl giving herself a bath.

At first, rationale escaped me. I thought, “Why are you so lazy, cat? Why don’t you help me fix my printer?” And then the voice of reason took over.

“Cats aren’t made to fix printers, Jeremy. They’re made to sit around and lick themselves.”

I thought, “Fine, I’ll work on it myself.”

Now, I think the moral of the story is that I’m not made to fix printers, either, but here in lies my issue.

It seems we (and when I say “we,” I mean “people”) are constantly thrown into situations we aren’t made for. A year and a half ago I was hired to be a photographer, but now it seems my job has transformed into “telemarketing.” And I can tell you that telephones and I do not get along. Just last week someone had called back the studio and yelled at the manager because they couldn’t understand a word the caller had said. My response: “You shouldn’t have put me on the frickin’ telephone.”

Everywhere I look, I see this lopsided demand for business and ten thousand artists trying to fit in because no one in America wants to create an “art” job anymore. And it’s funny because these artists are miserable and these businesses are failing and they wonder why things are falling apart when they’re trying to stick a tiny hat onto a big head. Some people aren’t made for “business.” And it shouldn’t be a surprise that corporate America is falling apart when forty percent of its workers don’t know what the heck they’re doing (‘cause they’re artists) and the other fifty percent are too busy sticking their heads up their butts digging for gold to see that the other forty percent is trying to cram the wrong size hat onto their heads and killing customer service in the process.

I don’t know—I think I still yearn for a society that allows everyone to do what he was made to do and stop expecting unfitting people to do bring up the slack. When I scan Careerbuilder and similar sites to see an endless run of “fast-track marketing” jobs (which are all the same pyramid scheme with different names), or the multitudes of Catch-22 positions that don’t believe in “first chances,” it makes me wonder if such a dream is possible.

Would be nice to wake up one day and not dread the arrival of morning. It really would.

I think my cat is asleep right now, by the way. Curled up, purring, and staying far away from my broken printer.