Series: Why It’s Okay to Write for Fun

-This series addresses our compulsions to write and how to make the most of our efforts regardless of our end goals, but gives some tips on how to prepare for the possibility that our “fun” writing, or leisure writing, may lead to professional writing and what we should do if we decide to make that transition toward the money.

Note: This series is complete for now.

Why It’s Okay to Write for Fun


Introduction (Posted December 21, 2016)

Part 1: “The Importance of Literature” (Posted December 22, 2016)

Part 2: “The Importance of Experimentation and Ignoring Fear” (Posted December 29, 2016)

Part 3: “The Importance of Imperfection” (Posted January 5, 2017)

Part 4: “The Importance of Managing Fun” (Posted January 12, 2017)

Part 5: “The Importance of Balancing Priorities and Knowing Audience” (Posted January 19, 2017)

Part 6: “The Importance of Learning from Our Past” (Posted January 26, 2017)

Part 7: “The Importance of Knowing the Rules of Writing and Storytelling” (Posted February 2, 2017)

Part 8: “The Importance of Finding Useful Education and Resources” (Posted February 9, 2017)

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