Series: The Marketing Author 001

-This series is about preparing writers for the wide world of author marketing (or really, marketing in general), and the numerous ways in which we can screw up that journey if we don’t plan ahead.

Note: This series is still in progress. I expect to have 11 sections when I deem it finished, though this number could change.

The Marketing Author 001

Introduction (Posted February 24, 2017)

Part 1: “Make Sure You Want It” (Posted March 1, 2017)

Part 2: “Marketing Takes Money, so Learn to Budget” (Posted March 8, 2017)

Part 3: “Time Management Looks Like Success” (Posted March 15, 2017)

Part 4: “The Fun Side of Rejection” (Posted March 22, 2017)

Part 5: “Understand Writing Essentials” (Posted March 31, 2017)

Part 6: “Feedback Is for Winners” (Posted April 5, 2017)

Part 7: “Know Your Platforms” (Posted April 12, 2017)

Part 8: “Tackling the Buffet with a Small Stomach” (Posted April 19, 2017)

Part 9: “Patience Is a Virtue, but so Is Intelligence” (Posted April 26, 2017)

Part 10: “Plan to Succeed, Be Ready to Fail, Then Go Ahead and Succeed” (Posted May 3, 2017)

Part 11: “You’re Smart, but They’re More Experienced” (Coming May 10, 2017)

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