Scrivener Template: Story Planning General

Screenshot of Story Planning General Template for Scrivener (Taken October 2019)

This template is strictly designed for planning manuscripts. It has a number of categories available from defining the book’s title, keywords, descriptions, etc., to developing three-dimensional characters, connected places and items for series’ books, and even epilogues if you think of one before you think of your actual book. This template is ideal for those who have ideas but aren’t ready to write the actual book. Its purpose is to remind the writer what he or she wants to do for the book, even if it’ll be another year or two before he gets around to writing page one.

It can also help you plan your launch strategy and track your sales once you’ve finished writing it, as well as help you with a few other post-production tasks.

This template is also a work-in-progress. Some sections are incomplete as of this writing.

Eventually, I want to develop it to provide planning templates for not just fiction, but for nonfiction, screenplays, and videogames. It’ll be awhile before I get there.

You can download the template here.

You can also watch a demonstration of it in action here.

Most Recent Version: October 28, 2020

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