The Computer Nerd

The Computer Nerd Cover Image
The Computer Nerd Cover Image

Book Description:

Complete safety in virtual isolation? Or likely destruction in a real romance? In the program of life, we must consider all of the variables.

Anston Michaels has spent the last year living quietly alone, content with his privacy and loving his slow-paced lifestyle. His is a life without drama. His days are filled with peace. He has two friends he spends once a month fishing with, and he goes on the occasional date to keep things from getting too lonely, but his social life is controlled to his liking, and he’s pretty sure he couldn’t be happier. So, when he returns home from his unexpectedly exciting fishing trip for a night of unwind, he is surprised to find Rebecca, his latest would-be girlfriend, sitting on his porch, collecting on a date that he’s forgotten about. And he’s definitely not ready for it. What’s worse, while he prepares to leave with her, he discovers that someone even more important has been calling while he was away, someone he can’t ignore. Even though acknowledging the caller’s request for a meeting means losing the date, and likely the beautiful Rebecca with it, he has to accept it. It’s a matter concerning his ex-wife: She has just escaped from the mental hospital that he committed her to a year ago, and now she may be looking for payback.

What follows is a journey into the mind of woman who seeks mutilation or marriage, reconciliation or revenge, or something far more sinister than anything Anston can imagine, and he must rescue her from her madness and stop her from ruining both of their lives before it’s too late. But is it actually madness that drives her? And is it really she who needs the rescuing? And does Anston truly know his ex-wife as well as he thinks he does?

The Computer Nerd is the suspenseful but quirky tale of a former married couple who seems to constantly walk out of step with each other, even when their love still lingers beneath the surface, even when their livelihoods are at stake. Their journey is sometimes frightening and sometimes ridiculous, but no relationship is perfect, and they rediscover their range for understanding each other as they work together to deal with a personal crisis that combines kidnap, conspiracy, and, worst of all, forced love into a tidy little demented weekend getaway package that neither is sure they’ll survive thanks to the sociopathic third party who’s tagged along for the ride.

Also comes with a post-credits scene.

If you love human interest stories with unusual twists, and you’re wondering why your marriage isn’t great or if you’re dating the right person, then The Computer Nerd is right for you.

Note: Updated with revised version on April 29, 2016.

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Additional Information:

When we marry the one we love, we assume we know what marriage to that person will look like. Part of that assumption is based on what we think we know about our partner. But, when we don’t know our partner as well as we think we do, we can become surprised when we discover the unexpected quirks they bring to the relationship. For Anston Michaels, former computer engineer and current IT support, he finds out that his wife, a woman he had committed to an insane asylum a year ago, is capable of breaking out of the hospital, aligning with a dangerous sociopath, and using kidnap and coercion to seduce him into helping them with a special “love project.” But maybe she still hasn’t told him everything that’s on her crazy little mind. It’s up to Anston to stop her before she causes the both of them even more marital trouble.

The Computer Nerd, a short story I wrote in 2007 that I’ve since converted into a 81,000-word novel, will be released to the public on October 20, 2015, and begs the question What if a mental institution escapee tries by any means possible to remarry the man who had her committed in the first place? and then attempts to answer it. Follow the links to your favorite retailer to purchase.

Note: The low $.99 price point will change to $2.99 on October 27, 2015. However, I will post a coupon code that can be redeemed at Smashwords for $.99, which will be good until December 31, 2015.

Update: The the coupons for The Computer Nerd are good until May 31, 2016. Check the “Promotions” tab at the top of this page for more details.

Read the first six chapters, starting here!

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