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Are you planning on writing for Kindle Vella? Would you like a spreadsheet to not only help you plan your story, but also to give you a marketing and potential sales overview? Then look no further.

Well, I mean, you’ll have to look at the actual spreadsheet, which means you’ll have to download it and all that, and you might even want to watch the YouTube companion video to find out how to get the most out of it.

But still, look no further!

Here are some screenshots to give you a picture of what to expect. These are based on my own book’s stats.

Please note that the current version is in Beta. I’ll list updates at the bottom of this page as they come.

Kindle Vella Excel Spreadsheet Overview
Kindle Vella Excel Spreadsheet Book Definition Section
Kindle Vella Excel Spreadsheet Sales Data and Charts Section
Kindle Vella Excel Spreadsheet Summary and Social Media Section
Video demonstration of Kinda Vella Spreadsheet
Demonstration of Beta 2 Content
Demonstration of Beta 3 Content
Demonstration of Beta 4 Content plus Instructions for General Use and Adding Episodes

Current Version: Beta 4 (8/13/2021)

Updated Features:

  • All books now support 60 episodes out of the box. But the video for Beta 4 will show users how to extend the episode count beyond the current limit if needed.
  • Added a new tab for “Book Comparison and Compilation Data.” This will give users a complete side-by-side overview of all relevant stats (totals and averages) for each book featured on the spreadsheet. Comes with bar charts.
  • Added a new tab for “Episode Stats by Month.” This is the more accurate way to record episodic reads, likes, and returns, based on Kindle Vella’s reporting system. This will make it easier to record all stats accurately. It’s recommended to record stats by the month. Note: Because Kindle Vella’s “Likes” reporting is consistent regardless of date range, Likes should be updated rather than added to prevent double-counting.
  • Moved all global stats (like “Most Reviewed”) to the comparison and compilation page. This freed up room for new percentage-based stats: “Percentage Read,” Percentage Liked,” and “Percentage Returned.” Also added a new stat for “Average Words Per Episode.”

Note: This will probably be the final release for a while. I was going to call it 1.0, but I’ll leave it as Beta for now, in case there’s reason to add to it later.

Download Beta 4

Older Versions:

Beta 3 (7/18/2021)

Updated Features:

  • Added new parameters for tracking returns and updating projected income (and losses) based on returned episodes
  • Projected losses based on free tokens (using formulas that estimate the number of free tokens being used on a specific story)
  • Added page for storing user reviews and ratings. Main page will now track how many reviews, stars, and average star rating a book receives
  • Added timestamp for “republished” works, based on the day the user acknowledges the work has been republished as a book, e-book, or other; useful for reminding the author that his or her one-time limit is now reached
  • Replaced “Total Faves” with “Total Follows”
  • “Total Faves” now has its own page and can be recorded as a calendar event
  • All pages now check for top followed books, most reviewed, and best reviewed or rated books
  • Added custom user page for historical data (not attached to any formula–just a place for users to record any extra data he or she wants that doesn’t slot in with the rest of the spreadsheet data)

Note: I was going to increase the episode availability for this update, but seeing how long it took for me to increase the limits for the first book, I decided to wait until the next beta to increase it. For reference, the next beta will increase episode availability to 60.

Download Beta 3

Beta 2 (7/1/2021)

Updated Features:

  • Support for five stories, 30 episodes each (more episodes can be added manually)
  • Record episode reads, episode likes, and total faves per book
  • Input actual sales per book by date (new sheet “Sales Records”)
  • List completion status as “yes” (for complete story), “no” (for incomplete story), or “ongoing” (for never-ending story)
  • Track potential income by average tier, earliest date allowed for book publication (e-book, paperback, etc.), best performing episode, most liked episode, readers’ favorite book, and actual sales per book
  • “Readthrough by Tier” chart replaced with “Likes by Episode”
  • Dynamic fields now color-coded as a warning to leave them alone
  • Earnings outlook now supports Amazon’s “extra fees” (user will need to manually input the percentage in the box marked for taxes and fees, cell B35)

Note: Tracking by tier still exists, but it’s currently masked behind a color wall in case Kindle Vella restricts information about the tiers each token represents. Recording episode reads inside the pink boxes will activate the Tier 2, 3, and 4 token values, but this is not recommended unless Amazon provides reader by tier information, which is unlikely. It’s best to record episode reads in the clear box.

Download Beta 2

Beta 1: Released 5/10/2021


  • Support for three stories, 30 episodes each (more episodes can be added manually)
  • Record series name, book title, book subtitle, book season number, book ASIN and URL, episode names, release dates, episode URLs and ASINs, episode word counts, and episode readthrough by tier
  • List as complete or incomplete (“yes” or “no”)
  • Track total word count, episode count, total tokens required to unlock episodes so far, and potential earnings by tier
  • View charts for word count, total readthrough, and readthrough by tier
  • Plan outreach campaigns, keywords and metadata, and marketing elements like book descriptions

Download Beta 1

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