The Writer’s Bookshelf: Recommended References and Writing Resources (Episode 39: Discussing “Writing Deep Scenes” by Martha Alderson and Jordan Rosenfeld)

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So, you’re ready to write your magnum opus, but all of your ideas are rooted in stock images and cardboard cutouts. What are you to do? Well, it’s time to put some meat on those three-dimensional bones and dash in the mood music. It’s time to write “deep” scenes.

But what does that even mean? Thankfully, veteran authors Martha Alderson (The Plot Whisperer, not yet featured on The Writer’s Bookshelf) and Jordan Rosenfeld (Making a Scene, also not yet featured on The Writer’s Bookshelf) have teamed up in the excellent book Writing Deep Scenes (now featured on The Writer’s Bookshelf) to answer that question and a lot more (not literally that question, but the question that lives in that same camp). If you want to pump up your writing game and learn the techniques to develop your scenes into substantial works of art and functional conflicts (not settings, to be clear, but complete five-point dramatic scenes), then this book may be right for you. Learn more by watching this video.

Oh, and welcome back to The Writer’s Bookshelf, in case you’re not sure where you are at the moment.

Writing Deep Scenes: Plotting Your Story Through Action, Emotion, and Theme

by Martha Alderson and Jordan Rosenfeld

Website (Martha Alderson)

Website (Jordan Rosenfeld)

Amazon Metadata:

·  Paperback : 248 pages

·  ISBN-10 : 1599638835

·  ISBN-13 : 978-1599638836

·  Publisher : Writer’s Digest Books (October 2, 2015)

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