The Writer’s Bookshelf: Recommended References and Writing Resources (Episode 27: Discussing “Bullies, Bastards & Bitches” by Jessica Page Morrell )

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Remember that one time you were bullied in school and thought, “One day, Billy Bob, I will have my revenge. In fiction!”? And remember when you sat down to write that revenge story and realized you know nothing about Billy Bob but for his bad breath and powerful hand on the back of your head as your face went into the toilet bowl, wondering if maybe his bullying wasn’t even his fault (even though he was totally acting on self-will)? Did you suddenly think that writing him as a one-note monster might’ve done him a literary injustice, even though he probably deserved all injustices heaped upon him?

Is it possible that, in your tale of epic revenge, you actually wanted to get his character right because getting him wrong would make you look like the bully?

Then welcome back to The Writer’s Bookshelf. This week’s book, Bullies, Bastards & Bitches by Jessica Page Morrell, is right up your alley. And before you ask, yes, that is the title, and you probably do want to get a special cover for it if you choose to read it in public, if you’re so inclined.

Do you think your villain is too mua-ha-ha and you want to motivate him more realistically? Then this book is right for you. Is your antihero too good to be considered dangerous or “anti” anything, and you’re afraid of Superman’s ego taking over? Then this book is right for you. Is your femme fatale a little dainty and nice and in need of some mud on her face? Well, read on, friend. This book is also right for you.

Heck, if you just want to write a compelling character who lives left of gray and don’t want to mess it up, then this book is right for you. Check out my video on the topic to find out more.

And the story above is an example, not a memory. Hopefully it’s not a memory for you, either.

Bullies, Bastards & Bitches: How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction

by Jessica Page Morrell


Amazon Metadata:

·  Paperback: 304 pages

·  ISBN-10: 9781582974842

·  ISBN-13: 978-1582974842

·  Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books; 58736th edition (July 28, 2008)

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