New Limited YouTube Series Comparing Two Useful Writing Tools, Coming Soon

Welcome back. I’m sure you never left. Thank you.

I just wanted to make a quick announcement about my YouTube channel’s growing range of covered topics. For years, it has been about me playing indie games (made by the OHRRPGCE) with a very limited slide into writing programs. But that slide is about to take a harder turn as the Zippywings Channel will soon expand to include topics about writing and reading and reviewing books (as well as to continue showcasing indie games no one else will play).

And because of this exciting new direction, I wanted to announce a limited series I’ll be launching next week to help nudge it into those new topics: yWriter vs. Scrivener.

Beginning on Monday, June 24, 2019, at 1pm EST and ending Sunday, June 30, 2019, at 1pm EST, I’ll be releasing new installments to the series where I show yWriter6 in action and then show how Scrivener can differ or complement yWriter6, maximizing your potential for organizing a solidly entertaining novel should you choose to use either program. I’ll end the series by showing you how I write, and for those of you who only see the finished product, this process should be eye-opening.

If you have an interest in either program, or if you want to see my nutty brain come up with interesting characters, be sure to come back Monday afternoon for all of the details. Hope you’ll check out the new series and subscribe to my YouTube channel in the process.

See you then. Thanks.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, I do have other articles and videos based on the Scrivener program, if you want to see more about that.

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