May Updates and Freebies

May 2, 2016:

Just a quick announcement regarding the status of things existing and things coming.

  1. The Computer Nerd has been officially updated with a new revision on Smashwords and Amazon (with the adjacent distributors getting theirs any day now). If you haven’t read it yet, this is the perfect time, because, well, it’s always the perfect time for a great book, and I’m particularly happy with the update. Note: Update applies to e-book only. I’ll be adapting my revisions to the paperback version soon. Look for another announcement once that’s up and running.
  2. Until May 25, 2016, The Computer Nerd and Gutter Child will be available for free at Smashwords and its distribution stores (Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.). If you’ve been hesitating to check either one out, this is the month to do it (if you don’t want to support my efforts with money). You can still purchase them at Amazon for the regular price if you are feeling generous, and as always, I appreciate your support.
  3. Unless something gets in the way, I will be launching the month-long promo for Superheroes Anonymous: A Modern-day Fantasy, Year Two at 1pm EST on May 6, 2016, partly in honor of its upcoming release, but also to honor the release of Captain America: Civil War and the 2016 blockbuster movie season. The party will begin with the full release of Chapter 1 (with other chapters to follow each Friday until the e-book releases on May 27, 2016, or the day that X-Men: Apocalypse opens). If you haven’t caught up yet, get the first year book for free here. Keep in mind that Year One covers the abridged version of three books (so it is quite a long read) and Year Two will cover the abridged version of two books (also a long read).

So, don’t delay. Get these hot items while they’re…er…hot! And leave a review, especially if it’s positive. I don’t have enough of any kind of review, and I’d like more. More reviews!


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