Release Update – February Stories

February 11, 2016:

Just to piggyback off of the post I had written a few days ago, I’m taking a little longer wrapping up Gutter Child than I had first thought. Part of it is due to busyness with other things, part is due to a general slowdown in writing pace, and part of it is due to ensuring that everything I’m writing is necessary. So, obviously I didn’t have it ready by the 9th, as I had predicted.

Here’s the thing: I want to get this one right, and I think it’ll take a bit more time to “feel” it than I normally expect. So, even though I’m writing the final scene now, I’m probably going to let it stew for a week before I actually release it. In the past, when I’d write a story, I’d let it sit for weeks, or even months, before going back to evaluate it for changes. That was back when I knew I was the only one who’d read it. Now that I’m trying to make these stories public, I find that delaying them for months doesn’t work as well as it once had. So, the perspective of time plays less of a role in my revisions than it used to. However, I still want to take advantage of it in some form, so even though I expect to have a complete version of Gutter Child finished this weekend, I probably won’t be releasing it until next weekend, as it will give me time to decide if it’s the best it can be.

So, the new tentative release date for Gutter Child will be either February 18th or 19th, and The Fallen Footwear will likely surface the weekend after that.

Unless I hit a snag along the way, you should be able to read both of these stories in the next couple of weeks.

My plans for the March story pair of “Waterfall Junction” and “The Narrow Bridge” will stay on course, as far as I can tell. I’ll likely be releasing them together as a single e-book on Good Friday. Teenage American Dream, which I am still picking at, is still on schedule for April 30th, and the sequel to Cannonball City: A Modern-day Fantasy, Year One, titled Superheroes Anonymous, is still on track for its May 27th release. After that, I may be shifting some dates around. It’s looking more and more likely that my dates for Sweat of the Nomad and Zipwood Studios will approach before I’m ready, so there’s a good chance I’ll be pushing them back to August and December respectively. But we’ll see how progress goes. I tend to get surges in prolificity at weird times. It’s why I was able to write and revise The Computer Nerd in less than two months. It could be that once the cold state of my bedroom passes back into warmth and my typing fingers no longer freeze at the keyboard, I may get more work done at a faster rate.

Anyway, stay tuned. I’ve got a Valentine’s Day appropriate essay coming to Drinking Cafe Latte at 1pm in the next couple of days that you won’t want to miss.