Cannonball City Surges at Barnes & Noble

January 21, 2016:

A little while ago I clicked on my daily reports at Smashwords, as I do every day, to see that I had gotten a massive surge in downloads at Barnes & Noble over the last couple of days. When I clicked on the “Books” tab, I saw that Cannonball City: A Modern-day Fantasy, Year One had gotten 45 downloads yesterday and 34 today (so far). That’s the single best two days I’ve ever had at Barnes & Noble. It’s nearly doubled my total downloads since I began doing e-books last May. The only other “surge” I had with Barnes & Noble was a couple of months ago when I set The Computer Nerd‘s price at free (it isn’t free anymore, but you can still find coupons for freebies in the “Promos” tab on this site) and that was for only 13 downloads. Curious why the spike, I clicked over to Cannonball City‘s store page at Barnes & Noble to investigate.

An anonymous reader gave it five stars!

So, if you’ve ever been uncertain about whether you should read my books, now you know. Someone out there thinks I’ve got a good story to tell, so why not give that one a go? It’ll take a while to read, but odds are high you’ll enjoy it. And my mom doesn’t use the Internet or read e-books, so you can be sure the reviewer wasn’t her!

Links to the book can be found in the right margin on this site, or in the tab for Series Books > A Modern-day Fantasy Annual Series.


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