Goodreads Review: Dog on It

October 14, 2015

In an effort to make a more impressive profile on Goodreads, now that the older Facebook app, Visual Bookshelf, which I was active on for a short while, seems to have lost its traction (either that, or I just haven’t been keeping up with it enough), I wrote my first Goodreads review tonight, based on the mystery novel, Dog on It, which is the first book in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series, by Spencer Quinn.

Here is the link to that review:

I wanted to link it directly to this page, but for some reason embedded codes don’t seem to work. I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s the theme I’m using?

If anyone knows how to get embedded codes to work on WordPress, let me know. Whenever I try copy/pasting the source (as given by the source site), it comes out ugly, messy, and meta. Maybe it’s better just to link to the source itself?

Anyway, for now, click the link, enjoy the review, and then go out and enjoy the book.