Crisis Mode

October 8, 2015

So, Smashwords tells me I have to have the final version of my e-book, The Computer Nerd, uploaded ten days before its publication date. That means I have to be done with it by Saturday. That means I’m in the eleventh hour and have to scramble to get it in perfect shape.* That means I cannot spare any time on anything else. I must get this done.

*There’s no such thing as perfect. I’m convinced of that now.

This has been my mindset for the last week. Crisis mode had officially begun last Friday. So, I thought it would be fun to show what my crisis week has looked like:

Friday (October 2, 2015):

I work until 3:30. Then I spend the rest of my day setting up scheduled posts for the promotion of this book, including chapter reveals and announcements to release at timely moments (but not including this announcement). I’m too tired to actually edit anything once I’ve scheduled the final post.

Saturday (October 3, 2015):

A friend calls me while I’m still in bed (I sleep in on Saturdays, so it’s already late in the morning) to see if I want to go to the gym. I tell her sure. I arrive thirty minutes later, leave an hour after that, then go to the beach to get some pizza and Pepsi and basically undo everything I just did. Run into another friend I haven’t seen in three years, talk a little. Then I go walk off the pizza. Then I walk over to Starbucks. Then I go home with a splitting headache. Headache goes away by about 10 o’clock. I begin to edit. The season premier of SNL starts at 11:30. I watch it. I laugh a few times. Then I set up book pages for two novels due out in 2016. No more editing today.

Sunday (October 4, 2015):

I catch up on Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights (a funny program I watch on Youtube on Sundays). Then I set up a book page for a third novel due out in 2016. Then I play catchup on my DVR, devoting about three hours to it. Start editing about 9:00 or so. Get maybe a chapter or two edited. Give up for the night.

Monday (October 5, 2015):

I work until 2pm. Then I come home for a nap. Actually make time for editing in the early evening. Get roughly to the halfway mark. Can’t remember any of the feedback that one of my coworkers had given me earlier. E-mail another potential reader about progress. He hasn’t had time to read anything. I tell him thanks anyway, maybe next time. Done editing for the night.

Tuesday (October 6, 2015):

I work until 3pm. Then I take a quick nap. Then I get my haircut. Then I get ready to meet a friend at the movies. Then I go to the movies. Then I go to the beach for some pizza (twice in one week, but a different beach, and a much different time of day). Come home in time for bed. No editing today.

Wednesday (October 7, 2015):

Work until 3pm. Come home. Take a nap. Catch up on news and unimportant things. Get some editing done. Manage to edit up to Chapter 14 (out of 23 chapters).

Thursday (October 8, 2015):

Just like I’m back in school, I use my day off to go into crunch time and knock out the rest of the book. Change a few light bulbs in between, play a casual computer game for a few minutes, and catch up on Facebook and other news, but other than that, I punch out the edits for everything I had left to do. Upload final draft (I hope it’s final) to Smashwords. Come here to post this blog. Keep telling myself I’m gonna go to the gym, but it’s already close to midnight. Maybe I should let it go for the night.

Friday (October 9, 2015):

That’s tomorrow. I can’t predict the future. But I’m probably gonna photograph the cover for Sweat of the Nomad after work, if I can arrange the time with the person I had asked to be in it. Has nothing to do with this book.

And that’s what my crisis week has looked like. For the record, I had edited up to Chapter 8 as of last Friday. I’m not very good with my time management. But I’m done, so maybe I don’t have to be. Just like college all over again.