Ebook Progress

June 9, 2015:

Just wanted to post a note to visitors that I’ve updated my blog to include direct links to my published ebooks. If you glance to the right sidebar, you’ll see images of my book covers. Clicking on the images will link you to the book’s description page, which also contains links to retailers who carry the title.

As of now, I do not have anything uploaded to Amazon. I will do that soon (most likely when I’m ready to offer my longer stories in print). Keep checking back here for updates.

My next ebook “Eleven Miles from Home” is currently available at Smashwords and soon to reach other retailers, hopefully before the week comes to an end. I’ll post a new entry for that book once the other retailers have it in their stock.

I’m also finalizing the ebook version of my short story, “Amusement,” which is about a serious businessman who must conduct business at a theme park amid wackos, children, and cartoon characters and nearly loses his mind. Look for that in the coming week.

So, that’s my ebook progress report. If you’re following my blog, please support my ebooks, too. If you’ve stumbled on this blog while you were looking for information about weight loss, please follow me (and support my ebooks). I probably won’t be able to help you much with weight loss, even though I’ve lost 18 pounds in the last four weeks, but I still plan to blog about it and hope to entertain you in the process. I am, after all, writing to entertain. Thanks.

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