Facebook Notes Introduction

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March 17, 2009:

We’ve finally reached the original posting, which means if you’re reading these backwards, then you’re reading these in chronological order, which means you’re not at the end of a long road but at its beginning—at the place when I could never guess how many blogs would follow, or what lessons I’d learn (or forget) along the way, or how many tears I’d cry in the journey. And this is exciting because it’s like watching three years of history unfold. And if you’re reading them in import order, then each blog will have felt like a building block toward the one before it and you can see where each influenced the other.

And if you feel confused over that, I apologize.

I’ve since decided not to write on MySpace anymore. I thought readership was too low, comments were even lower, and I never really felt like my intention for joining MySpace was fulfilled. I originally signed up to promote some tie-in articles to a novel that I wrote in 2005, but the readership was so tiny that I found it discouraging and wasteful to keep up with them and eventually ceased writing them (the series was called “The News from the Panhandler Underground” and yielded 17 articles out of an intended 62). The legacy continued into my blogs, including those that I wrote with the hope of generating discussion, either to help me find answers, or at least to find out what others thought. When I only received discussion from the same two people over and over, I concluded that the broader audience I desired wasn’t out there, so I said enough was enough.

Honestly, I don’t feel that Facebook is gonna change anything in regard to audience. If anything, my blogs are now closed to strangers, which will keep readership almost non-existent. But at least now I can share things on my own terms and keep everything restricted to a more intimate level, which is my original intention for posting these anyway.

This doesn’t mean I’ve imported everything. There are still short stories lingering on the old site that I have no plans on bringing over here. There’s also a three-part essay on apostasy that I felt was too long for Facebook and a whiny post about waiting tables that I didn’t think was interesting enough to share with new readers.

But for all that I did import, I hope you guys will read them. Yes, there are eighteen articles. Yes, most of them aren’t short (though, some are, so don’t be afraid to go hunting for tiny treasure). Some are introspective, some are funny, and some reveal my occasionally frustrated (and intense) side. But I think there’s something to be found in each of them, something that might awaken a question you yourself may have, and something that may even challenge the way you look at each day.

I am far from perfect. I will never claim to be perfect. But I do think I’ve got something to share, and I never would’ve posted these (here or on MySpace) if I didn’t think someone else might benefit somehow, somewhere.

And there will be more journals (as “The Cat and the Hat” has proven), but I’ll be posting them exclusively here until something better comes along.

With that, here’s the introductory blog, which doesn’t really reflect the ones to follow, but will at least give you an idea what kind of style you’re in for.

Note (from 3/17/2014–exactly five years later): This was written after I had abandoned MySpace in favor of continuing my blogs on Facebook. But, thanks to equally bad readership, I abandoned blogging on Facebook almost immediately in favor of returning to Blogspot. The “introductory blog,” as mentioned here, is called “The Decline of Deep Thought.”